We can remove people and objects from photographs, change backgrounds, and even add/place absent people  into existing photographs to improve the image's impact. If you need a studio shot without the studio let us take care of it for you.  Is there a person in the background that doesn't belong in the picture?  Is your best picture from the time you were married-and now you are not? We can digitally remove the ring from your finger or delete that annoying ex from your photos. The possibilities are endless. This digital photo editing can make all the difference in the world.

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What does Add/Remove unwanted people service include?

  • Remove an accidental / unwanted person & changing the background.

  • Remove wires, a tree branch, bird, or any other unwanted details in your photo

  • Remove the dark spot made by your own finger from a photo.

  • Correct the image of person who looks poorly on your family photo.

  • Remove a person/object that doesn't completely fit into the image

  • Combining two photos into one new photo